This page mostly covers how the ways of the Mystic works in a GURPS Lands of Legend context.

While DW Sorcerers, Elementalists and Warlocks used Magic Points to govern how many spells they could use during a day, Mystics lived more – and less – precariously. Each time they activated a spell, they risked psychic fatigue, meaning that they would not be able to cast more spells that day. The ability would return with the next dawn. A Mystic would never know if he would cast just a single spell on a given day, or if luck would allow for using a host of spells.

To simulate this, the following rules are used for people playing Mystics:

The Mystic Power Modifier comes to -25%. This is because each use of an ability requires a roll vs 12 + Power Level – Spell Level halved (round up) – 1 pr. 3 spells cast previously that day. If this roll is failed, the spell will be cast, but the Mystic cannot use another ability until the next dawn

Mystic Senses

ESP (7 points)

This ability lets the Mystic Sense if any minds are nearby. He rolls vs. Per-9 to get a result (this can be improved later). He usually does not get a direction, only the sense that someone is nearby. He can exclude minds he knows about.

Detect (Minds) (20), Hard to use 3 (-15%) Vague (-50%)

Premonition (11 points)

Premonition lets you try and percieve if something up ahead, like a door, represents a danger in some form. Only rarely will the nature of the danger be discerned. The user rolls vs. Perception -6 to get a result (this can be improved later).

Danger Sense (15), requires Concentrate (-15%), Requires Per roll (-5%), Hard to Use 2 (-10%)

Spell Mastery

During his career, the mystic has the option to turn one or more of his spells into true, alway-on advantages. This can be done in one of two ways:

#1: The Mystic chooses one spell, ever, and makes this an advantage. This can be done at any time, even before acces to all is possible. This precludes the choice of another spell later.

#2: The Mystic buys this power as a one-slot Modular Ability. The List of available abilities is short (see below), so base cost i 2 points. It takes one week to exchange one spell for another, so the process is slow, but costs nothing. It will be interrupted if the character needs to do anything adventurer-like. This brings pr. point cost to 3. The point cost of the individual abilities is listed below. This number, multiplied by 3, and added 2, is the cost of the Modular Ability. Eg. See Enchantment is 18 points. This means that the modular Ability must cost 3 × 18, +2 = 54 + 2 = 56 points. Taking this option means that the spells that are able to be accomodated here count as known for spellcasting purposes. They don’t have to pe purchased again for this purpose.

Spell List
Power Level 1: See Enchantment (18)
Power Level 2: Darksight (7)
Power Level 3: Allseeing Eye (
Power Level 4: Mindcloak
Power Level 5: Clairvoyance
Power Level 6: Hidden Target, Telepathy
Power Level 7: Truthsense, Assessment

Mystic Enchantment

As the power of a Mystic Grows, he gets the ability to infuse weapons and armour with magical power, increasing their effectiveness. A mystic can infuse bonuses to skill and damage into weapons and bonuses to Damage Resistance into armour. He is able to infuse bonuses up to +1/3 of his power level, rounded down (thus he gets the ability at power level 3)

See further details under Enchanting

Mystic Adepthood

When a Mystic reaches power level 8 he may attempt to achieve Adepthood. This is a process of Meditation, which must be conducted in a secluded, natural location. Each week of such activity, the Mystic rolls vs. his Meditation skill. On a critical success, Adepthood is achieved.

Adepthood means that the Mystic becomes eligible for the following powers, which may be purchased as points allow:

  • Perk: May exeed original DX score by +60% (1 point – of course the actual increase will have to be purchased as well)
  • Perk: May exeed original Will score by +60% (1 point – of course the actual increase will have to be purchased as well)
  • Regeneration (Slow) (10 points)
  • Immunity (Poison) (15 points)
  • Immunity (Disease) (10 points)
  • Immunity (Mind Control) (15 points)
  • Immunity (Fear) (10 points)

Mystic Spells

Under the Hood – the Psychic Fatigue effect:

The DW effect is most like a Limited Use, 1/day, that only kicks in if a roll of sorts is failed, sort of a “limited limitation”. This is not exactly core rules, but will be used here.

This is added to the Mystic Power Modifier, just as discused for Fickle on Powers p. 24.

The limitation used to limit Limited Use will be Unreliable, the Malf 12 version. The Mystic adds the level of his Talent, but subtracts the level of the spell

The roll is made after use also, which make the limitation less. The guesstimate is that it’s a -15% addon to the standard -10% power modifier for a total of -25% for each of the Mystics powers.


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