Elementalists and their powers.

Elementalists untilze the forces locked in the raw elements rather than the more ambient forces tapped by Sorcerers and Warlocks.

The standard four elements are the most common – Air, Earth, Fire and Water – but in the World of Legend, Darkness has become a tangible force, and one that can be harnessed in the same manner as the other elements. It is a tainted element, however, invariably associated with vile users and fell deeds perpetrated using this power.

Every Elementalist needs an elemental focus to effect his powers (note – these are different from the DW original text):

  • Air – a large feather is used to move the Air into action
  • Earth – a wand made from the root of a tree
  • Fire – an easily ignited energy-rich material (eg. coal or charcoal or oil) must be carried in a small, amulet-like firepot
  • Water – clear sping water carried in a translucent vial

Elementalists have a Power Level like the Sorcerers, Mystics and Warlocks. It must be listed which type of element is tha main element for the user. This usually determines what the users secondary elements are:

Primary Secondary
Air Fire, Water
Earth Fire, Water
Fire Air, Earth
Water Air, Earth

If Darkness is the primary element, the user can choose the to secondary elements freely among the four remaining elements.

Where Sorcerers and Warlocks have one pool of Magic Points, Elementalists have 3: 1 for each of the elements they know. The Primary Element may have 3 Magic Points pr. power level, while each of the secondaries may have 1.

Raw Power

As long as the Elementalist has Magic Points left, he can release them as Raw Power. This can be done even if restrained in some way or form – as long as the caster can see something, basically.

Each of these attacks is basically an Innate Attack, Crushing for Air/Earth/Water, and Burning for Fire. It does a 2d base damage for each Magic Point spent. The elementalist must purchase three of these, to double the level of his maximum number of Magic Points he can put in the power. The Cost Fatigue level must be set at the number of Magic Points he has straight, then halved and rounded up. Eg. an Elementalist with 3 Fire Magic Points must buy 6 levels of the Fire Raw Power and must set the Cost Fatigue Limitation at level 2.

This means that the Primary Raw Power ability will cost around 18 points, while the two secondaries are 6-7 points each – total just over 30 points in initial investment. Remember Innate Attack skill to direct these blasts.

Elemental Resistance

An elementalist is resistant to the effects of his element. This takes the form of Damage Resistance vs. effects from the Elementalists Primary Realm.

ELemental Resistance: DR 5 (vs. Fire/Water/Air/Earth) – 15 points.

Elementalist Spells


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