Priests and monks and holy (wo)men. These abund in the Lands of Legend. Some of them even have various powers.

The powers of the Divine works through it’s servants on earth. True powers are available to those that serve their deity faithfully.

Most powers take the form of Charismata. These are powers granted by the grace of the Greater Powers of the world (or so it’s thought). Many manner of powers have been granted, from the ability to channel great power into oneself to healing the sick to speaking to beasts.

In GURPS terms advantages as Blessed and True Faith can be taking by devout characters. Requirement is mostly a Pact limitation, rather than any priestly ordination (though Priests most certainly qualify!!!)

Note that Charismata do tax the personal fatigue of the user where applicable, rather than use Magic Points.

Charismata that have a Demon or the Fey as an origin may very well have the Fickle limitation.

Sample Charismata:

Lay Hands on the Sick

This Chrismatus comes in two tempi. First, the character gains Immunity to Disease (8 points total with Pact and Divine Power modifier), and, when this prerequisite is achieved, he may purchase Healing (Disease Only, Faith Healing) (15 points) and begin being able to actually heal the sick by the grace of God etc. The Pact required is following a Code of the Commandments, a -10 point Code of Honor.


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