Most relevant advantages will be of the mundane kind, wether physical, mental or social. However, some characters may have certain traits as a result of their background or race, and some advantages of a more supernatural nature may be allowed as part of a blessing, pacts with dark forces or stuff like that. Check with your GM to see if he’d be interested in allowing something like that. Religious characters with eg. the Blessed advantage is a definate possibility, Destinies and such – those things are appropriate for the tone of the Lands of Legend.

Super-power-y advantages are most definately not, exept as part of specific profession training regimens (see eg. Assassins). Racial advantages can only come as part of a racial template.

Cinematic advantages like Trained by a Master, Weapon Master and Heroic Archer do exist, but cannot be taken by beginning characters. They must be earned in play.


Spells for the casting professions are created using the Powers system. As there is a lot of spells with some overlap at times, and not ways to use them all at once, only the most point-costly spell known at at given time will require full cost paid. All other spells are seen as Alternate Abilities, and are charged at 1/5th the final cost, rounded up.


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