The Esoteric Professions


APRIL 2015


Here we touch upon the magic using professions of Dragon Warriors/Lands of Legend.

This conversion will recommend using a Powers-oriented approach to the abilities of the eldritch classes. DW classes tend to have rather few but relatively powerful abilities, and a Powers approach seems to mimic this most closely. I will also generally try to convert the features and spells of the DW classes. So Sorcerers will have Magic points that replenish at dawn, and Mystics will roll for burnout whenever they use an ability.

All the spellcasting professions will use the concept of Power Level. This advantage costs 2½ points pr. level (3/5/8/10 etc. in practice) and can be bought to the 10th level. The Power level governs which level of spells may be purchased, and functions as Talent at half it’s level, rounded down.

Furthermore, the spell structure from Dragon Warriors is preserved in this conversion. Spells are divides into levels from 1-10. You may only learn spells of the Power Level you have attained, and to attain a new Power level, you must learn all the spells of the power level you are currently at.

The costs of spells are determined as follows: Costs are determined by seeing all spells of a class as Alternate Abilities. This means that the spellcaster only pays full price for the most expensive spell (s)he can cast, while the rest are reduced to 1/5th of the cost, rounded up.


In DW, the powers of the eldritch seems to stem from several scources. Sorcerers, Mystics and Elementalists seems to have different practices, and the after-thought class development of the DW community has has a focus on religious classes, especially True Faith-oriented ones. I count the following as relevant in a GURPS Lands of Legend game:

  • Wizardry – fuelling the powers associated with Sorcerers and Warlocks
  • Spiritualism – associated with Mystics. This one might be seen as Psionic or Chi, but that distiction may well be mostly cultural. Mind, Soul or Internal might also be overall terms.
  • Elementalism – associated with Elementalists. This might be seen as a variant on Wizardry, but it gets it’s own category here.
  • Divinity – for servants of the gods, like the non-core Priests

These behave in different ways, enough to warrant differences in the power modifier values, but in one thing they are the same: Dispelling and sensing powers from one area do affect the others.

  • Enchanting – notes on the item creation powers available to Sorcerers, Warlocks and Mystics.

Option: Averaged spell costs:

Using the cost plan above gives a rather uneven progression rate. Some levels will be raced through, while others will take some time to garner the points, especially when a new, most expensive spell approaches.

An option is to calculate the total cost for all spells and averaging it. Eg. for Mystics this comes to 281 points using the scheme above, for an average of 7.8 CP pr. spell (round to 8)

This way the progression is more even.

Full detail for Averaged Costs

Mystics: Each spell costs 8 points, exept Mindpool which is still 0 points and Phoenix, which is still 17 points pr. use.

Sorcerers: On each level, the 3 first spells bought cost 12 points, the last 3 cost 11. Alternatively, 11½ points each

Warlocks: Each spell costs 9 points.

Option: The GURPS Magic Way

The Esoteric Professions

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