Warlock - healer/warrior


As a young man Cadmon was filled with the dream of glory through combat, so when the Crusades called, he heard it. 10 years in the Principalities and one event inn particular removed any illusion that there was glory to be had. The event was in a small village, probably too small to have a name but large enough to warrant the attention of the Crusaders. There, a woman died, shielding her infant son, but the son survived in Cadmon’s arms, and as he lost his fanaticism, he found a devotion: Col.

Taking Col as his own, Cadmon went home and joined a monastery. There he discovered a talent for healing others, and in the convent’s calm he found not only peace and his true self, but also the true power of God. He knows, however, that strife lurks and vicious men hold nothing sacred, so he has kept his workout routine, but whereas before he used an ax with great zeal, he has now chosen a mace in order to comply with his oath not to shed blood.

Col is Cadmon’s pride and shame. Where he has tried sowing the virtues of tolerance and hard work, he has only found a crop of fanaticism and laziness. But there is good in the boy, too, and a raw potential that gives Cadmon all the reasons he needs to get up in the morning.

Cadmon is most of all honest: He hates lies and feel almost a physical discomfort by lying – he’s also pretty easy to figure out, which he doesn’t mind: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Additionally, he is always generous and helpful and has a strong commitment to the weak in society. He feels quite confident, but it pains him that he shakes after battle – not least because it is there that he is often needed.

Cadmon feels that the monastery is being too confined. He has learned a lot, but he has one last quest in him. Therefore, he will now go out into the world and see if his newfound abilities – and former martial arts – can make a difference for those who lack the ability to do it themselves. And besides, maybe the world can teach Col what he, Cadmon, has failed to do.


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