A Sorcerer is a person trained in the arts of wizardry almost to the exclusion of all other things. A Sorcerer, even a fledgling one, wields powerful dweomers.

A sorcerer is defined from the beginning by posessing the Sorcerer Power Level. A new character may have only the one level, but it can be bought up later with earned points. Note that there is the prerequisite of knowing all the spells of one power level before you can reach the next power level and begin adding spells from that one.

Sorcerers use an Energy Reserve (called Magic Points) to power their spells. The Energy Reserve holds a maximum of 4 points pr. Power Level possessed by the Sorcerer. Cost is otherwise 2 points pr. point of ER – costing 8 points for a beginning character. When attaining a new Power Level, the Sorcerer must also add 4 more Magic points at a further 8 points.

The combined cost for the spells of a beginning Sorcerer is 42 points. The total number of points that needs spending for a beginning Sorcerer is thus 3 (Power Level 1) + 8 (4 Magic Points) + 42 (cost of spells) = 53.


Sorcerers over time become experts with magical reagents, which enables them to produce potions and elixirs of various sorts


A Sorcerer may at some points choose to learn the ways of bonding magic to items, enabling him to make all sorts of wondrous items in the forms of talismans, amulets, rings and wands.

Sorcerer Spells


Warlocks combine military training with arcane arts. Warlocks combine the training of nobility or soldiery with powers akin to those of the Sorcerer, though the disciplies are slightly different, more battle-oriented.

Like the Sorcerer, a Warlock has a Warlock Power Level. Each level allows access to purchase the spells available at that given level, and to purchasing 2 Magic Points pr. Power Level.

Thus, a starting Warlock must invest 3 (Talent) + 4 (2 Magic Points) + 33 (the combined cost of the 5 Warlock 1st level spells) = 40 points, in addition to other points spent.

Prerequisites work as for Sorcerers.

Warlock Spells


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