Warlock Spells

Spells of the Warlocks

Spells Level 1

Eyes of Night (1/1 point)

By using this spell, the caster emits a reddish beam of light from his eyes that illuminates a 1 yard path out to 20y for one minute. It does not otherwise affect his vision.

Illumination (flashlight) (1), Extended Range (x2) (, Accessibility (Speech and Gestures) (-20%), Accessibility: Can only be powered by Energy Reserve Costs Fatigue 1 (-15%)

Heal Injury (23/5 points)

This spell restores up to four lost Health Points to the target, 2 HP pr. spell slot spent. it requires an IQ roll (plus Talent) to activate successfully. On a success, the next attempt the same day is at -3 on the same target, cumulative (-6 for the third try on the same day etc.).

Healing (30), Capped (2 FP) (-25%), Injuries Only (-20%), Wizardry (-10%).

Imperil (21/5 points)

The Warlock must touch his quarry, who also gets a HT-5 roll to resist the effect. If successful, the target starts taking double damage (after DR, but before adjusting for damage type. Ie. Having dr 3 and taking 7 cutting impact, damage becomes 7-3 = 4, doubled to 8, then x 1.5 for cutting damage, for a final result of 12 points of damage). The effect lasts a minute.

Imperil (Affliction – Vulnerability) (6) 35, (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2) -20%; Costs Fatigue (1) -15%; Disadvantage (+40) 40%; Magical -10%; Cannot Parry -5%; Melee Attack: Reach C) -30% 10

Perception of Sorcery (12/3 points)

The Warlock senses and spots magical objects within 3y, possibly learning a little bit about their nature. The Warlock rolls vs. Perception. A normal succes spots magical items and emanations in the area, a critical success gives some clues about the nature of the magic.

Perception of Sorcery (Detect (Magic)) (Occasional) 10 (Accessibility (Only within 3y) (6) -60%; Costs Fatigue (1) -15%; Magical -10%; Precise 100%)

Silent Warrior (4/1 points)

Casting this spell the Warlock summons for an instant a warrior that will either deliver an attack on the next turn, or perform another 1 turn action. The Warrior attacks with a Greatsword with skill-16 for 1d+5 cutting damage or uses his ST of 12 and DX of 10 to perform his action. Range is 5y.

Silent Warrior (Ally (Warrior)) (25% of starting points) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) -20% (2); Costs Fatigue (1) -15%; Constantly (x4 base cost); Magic Power -10%; Maximum Duration (Less than 30 seconds) -75%; Summonable 100%)

Spells Level 2

Camouflage (5/1 points)

The caster gains the ability to blend with his surroundings, gaining +4 to Stealth if unclothed and stationary, +2 if clothed (most likely). The effect lasts a minute.

Fearlessness (5/1 points)

The caster becomes impossible to affect with fear of any kind for a minute

Fortune (10/2 points)

Once pr. turn the caster may apply a +1 bonus to his DX or IQ for a specifik success roll. This CAN affect derived values. The boon lasts a minute.

Inquiry (13/3 points)

The caster senses all kinds of magical defences affecting people and items nearby, learning their nature and strength on a succesful IQ roll

Warning (7/2 points)

After activation the caster gains warning that danger is near by making an IQ roll. The protection lasts a minute.

Spells Level 3

Deceit (31/7 points)

Using this spell the caster can make himself or an object appear mundane when scrutinised by magical senses. The effect lasts for a day.

Enhancement (16/4 points)

The caster gains +1 DX and +2 ST for a minute.

Havok (7/2 points)

A rippling wave of glittering energy races at the target, which must Dodge or Block it. Failure to do so results in an impact of 5d cr damage. Acc is 3 and Range is 10y. Skill used is Innate Attack (Projectile)

Illusion (32/7 points)

As the Sorcerer spell of the same name.

Telekinesis (6/2 points)

As the Mystic spell of the same name (exept for following Warlock mechanics)

Spells Level 4

Aegis (15/3 Points)

Provides the caster with a force field that has Damage Resistance 4 for 1 minute. This is layered on top of any other DR present.

Neutralize Toxin (7/2 points)

Wipes any toxin from the casters system. Damage already taken from a poison is not healed, but further damage is prevented. Can be cast beforehand to make caster immune to poisons for the 1 minute duration.

Oracle (10/2 points)

As the Sorcerer spell of the same name.

Turncoat (15/3 points)

This spell makes the target believe that any companions he has are even greater threats than the party/caster, causing him to attack them. He does not gain any loyalty towards the caster, though, and there is really no effect on a lone opponent. The caster must win a Quick COntest of Will, at -1 pr. yard of distance, for the spell to take effect.

Vitality (21/5 points)

This spell restores 12 points of injury to the caster on a succesful IQ roll.

Spells Level 5

Force of Will (7/2 points)

The caster gains Hard To Kill 3 and High Pain Threshold for 1 minute.

Hellfire (54/11 points)

The caster matches his Will against the HT of his target in a Quick Contest. Should the target lose, he will suffer 1d burning damage each turn for 10 turns, as his very flesh erupt against him. This inflicts the usual penalties for being on fire. Only a dispelling magic can halt the ordeal.

Slow (33/7 points)

The caster attacks each foe within 16y, and if they lose a Quick Contest of Will vs. HT, they gain one level of Decreased TIme Rate, during which they only get to act on even numbered turns. The effect lasts a minute.

Soulbane (12/3 points)

The caster hurls a bolt (using the Innate Attack: Projectile skill) at the target. If struck, the target must succeed at a HT-4 roll, or suffer a penalty of 5 to resist and use magical effects. The effect lingers for a minute.

Terminate Enchantment (60/12 points)

Like the Sorcerer spell Dispel Magic.

Spells Level 6

Annihilation (102/21 points)

The caster looks his victim in the eye and must win a QC: Will (Speed/Range penalties apply). If successful, flames will consume the victim, striking with 3d damage for 6 seconds. Armour will not protect – the victim’s very flesh is on fire.

Lunacy (14/3 points)

If out under a moonlit sky, the caster can fix on the victim and strike him with debilitationg Lunacy. If the caster wins a QC: Will (-1 pr. yard of distance), the victim succums to mental agony, and falls down gibbering and salivating. The caster is Blinded for the rest of the turn, though (ie. until his next turn starts).

Panoply (9/2 points)

The caster gains 4 extra points of DR for one minute.

Sigil of Destiny (47/10 points)

By activating this spell, the caster gives the recipient the ability to stave off disaster. Twice pr. game day, the recipient may demand the reroll of a result that is disastrous to him, including missed defence rolls or critical successes by opponents. The result is re-rolled twice, and the one most advantageous to the recipient is chosen. The spell is in effect for 1 day.

Vapourize (40/8 points)

The caster turns into a red mist and can float around, seeping through even very narrow openings. While in vapour form, the caster cannot cast spells, but also cannot be harmed by physical means. Ongoing spells continue, and mental attacks can hit the vapour-form character. The effect lasts a minute.

Spells Level 7

Nemesis (19/4 points)

For one minute the caster gains +4 Striking ST, +3 skill if attacking one specific foe designated at the time of casting. If casting spells, he has +3 Will to help him affect the target.

Pacify (30/6 points)

The caster blasts a 16y radius area around him. In this area, foes have a 12- on 3d chance of being attacked by a QC of Will (no range penalties). Foes that fail this see the caster as a non-combatant with no threatening properties and will ignore him unless attacked by him, in which case they will realize the error of their ways and re-include him in their perception of the battlefield.

Runic Weapon (17/4 points)

The caster creates any hand weapon of average quality he likes. The weapon gives the wielder 4 levels of Striking ST and 3 levels of DX when using that weapon. It can be handed off to another character if so desired. It lasts for 1 minute.

Spell Screen (6/2 points)

Like the Sorcerer spell of the same name

The Trickster’s Hand (60/12 points)

When this spell is in effect, if the caster is hit by a missile attack, the first 15 points of damage are reflected back upon the attacker. The first time this happens, the attacker has no defence. Afterwards, the attacker may use any legal defence, usually Dodge. Lasts one minute.

Spells Level 8

Demon Path (7/2 points)

The caster can walk on the air like it was solid ground. When changing height, movement distance counts double. If the caster should fall, he must roll vs. DX for each second the fall continues. Sucess means the fall is stopped in mid-air, safely. If he reaches the ground, the caster takes full falling damage. The effect otherwise lasts 3 minutes.

Energy Bolt (42/9 points)

Any foe within 4y of the caster is attacked by a 8d burn attack. Chance of a hit on any given foe is 12- on 3d.

Gauntlet (37/8 points)

The caster gains a disembodied, gauntleted golden hand that hovers beside him. It has a ST of 17, Move of 17 and a maximum distance from the caster of 20y. Besides his own action, the caster may direct the Gauntlet to one action pr. turn. This does not have to be combat actions, the hand can open doors and chests, yank ropes and throw henchmen onto suspected traps if so desired. The hand cannot be damaged, but things held by it can. It lasts one minute.

Killing Frenzy (9/2 points)

The caster may take an extra attack as part of any maneuver involving attacks for one minute.

Reincarnate (110/22 points)

Using this spell that caster calls the spirit of someone dead 7 days or less. On a succesful IQ roll, he enables the spirit with the power of possession which can then be used on any living body of the same race as the dead person present. Yes, the caster will have to provide this, posing all sorts of ethical questions.

The spirit must win it’s own QC: IQ with the target body. If this fails, death is permanent.

Spells of Level 9

Flying Steed (32/7 points)

This spell conjures a hellish Hippogriff that will transport the caster up to 100 miles in a night. In case of conflict it will fight using these stats.


Invulnerability (111/23 points)

The caster protects himself and one other person within 1y with 15 points of DR and an effect that negates all incoming magic. It lasts for one minute.

Simulacrum (77/16 points)

The caster makes a slightly shadowy Duplicate of himself, clad and equipped as himself, but with nonmagical items. A telepathic mindlink exisits, allowing the caster to see through the eyes of the Simulacrum. Should the Simulacrum be destroyed, the caster suffers no ill effect. Lasts for one minute otherwise.

Song of Battle (52/11 points)

The caster greatly imbues himself. He becomes terrifyling to behold, and enemies must roll Fright Checks to stand against him. He gains +8 with any DX-skill and 2 levels of Striking ST. Furthermore, this magic stops dead any Meldiction type (mental) magic leveled against him. There is one drawback – he cannot cast other spells while this effect is active. This lasts for one minute.

Teleport (20/4 points)

As the Mystic spell of the same name.

Warlock Spells

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