Sorcerer Spells

Spells of the Sorcerers

Spells Level 1

Dragonbreath (7/2 points)

The caster releases a gout of flame from his hands at the target. It can be Dodged or Blocked (with damage taken by the shield), but not parried. It uses the Innate Attack (Projectile) skill to achieve a hit.

Name Damage Acc Range RoF Shots Rcl
Dragonbreath 1d+6 burn 3 20 1 N/A 1

Burning Innate Attack 1d+6 (2.8 dice) (14), Increased Range (½d only) (x10) (15%), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture (-20%), Accessibility: Can only be powered by ER (-5%), Reduced Range (1/5) (-20%), Costs Fatigue 1 (-15%), Wizardry (-10%).

Image (24/5 points)

This spell lets you create an image of anything up to a mansized object up to 20y away. It will remain as long as the caster Concentrates.

Illusion (25), Ranged (40%), Increased Range (½D only) (x10) (15%), Independence (40%), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture (-20%), Visual Only (-30%), Reduced Range (1/5) (-20%), Costs Fatigue 1 (-15%), Wizardry (-10%)

Lesser Healing (21/5 points)

This spell restores up to four lost Health Points to the target, 2 HP pr. spell slot spent. it requires an IQ roll (plus Talent) to activate successfully. On a success, the next attempt the same day is at -3, cumulative (-6 for the third try on the same day etc.).

Healing (30), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture (-20%), Accessibility: Can only be powered by ER (-5%), Capped (2 FP) (-25%), Injuries Only (-20%), Wizardry (-10%).

Moonglow (1/1 point)

The caster creates a zone of blueish, soft light around him, out to a range of 4y.

Illumination (torch) (1), Area effect (x2) (50%), Costs Fatigue 1 (-15%), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture -20%, Wizardry (-10%)

Portal (14/3 points)

The caster can exert a force upon a door to ether keep it closed or try to force it open, providing an ST of 14 for this purpose. Maximum distance is 10y. Duration 1 minute.

Telekinesis 14 (70), Accessibility: Only to hold or force doors (-50%), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture (-20%), Accessibility: Can only be powered by ER (-5%), Cost Fatigue 1 (-15%), Wizardry (-10%)

Weaken (26/6 points)

Interferes with the target’s combat ability, by sapping strength and coordination. The caster matches his Will against that of the target, and if successful the traget loses 1 points each of ST and DX for 1 minute. Target must be within 20y.

Affliction (10), Disadvantage (-1 ST & DX) (30%), Malediction (Long Range mods) (200%), Accessibility: Speech and Gesture (-20%), Accessibility: Can only be powered by ER (-5%), Accessibility: Only on targets within 20y (-20%), Costs Fatigue 1 (-15%), Wizardry (-10%)

Spells Level 2

Detect Aura (15/3 points)

Casting this spell, the caster can tell wether objects or creatures he looks at are enchanted/magical.

Detect Aura (Enchanted Beings and Objects) (Occasional) (Accessibility (Gesture ans Speech) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Costs Fatigue (2); Magical; Precise) (9)

Hold off the Dead (14/3 points)

Casting this spell, no Undead can come within 1y of the caster, unless they can win a Quick COntest of Will

Hold off the Dead (True Faith) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Cosmic: No need for Holy Symbol; Costs Fatigue (2); Magical; Requires Will Roll) (9)

Inflict Wound (16/4 points)

This spell causes a system shock in the target that inflicts 5 points of damage. DR doesn’t protect, but the caster must win a Quick Contest of Will, using the Speed/Range penalties for distance, or the spell fails.

Inflict Wound (Crushing Attack) (1) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Costs Fatigue (2); Magical; Malediction (Uses Speed/Range Table); Partial Dice (4); Partial Dice (Does only 1 pt)) (9)

Peer (18/4 points)

Using this spell, the caster can, after concentrating for one minute, send his sight to a point in any direction within 20y, providing an IQ roll is made. Locations not in line of sigt are at -5 to the roll. Point of vision can be shifted during the one minute duration, and requires the same IQ roll to adjust.

Peer (Clairsentience) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Clairvoyance; Costs Fatigue (2); Increased Range (x2); Magical; Visible) (14)

Tangleroots (6/2 points)

The caster throws a magical bolt that – if it hits the target – turns into a mass of roots under the targets feet, grappling him with a ST of 14. They can be broken free off using ST or Escape skill via a Quick Contest. Repeated attempts are possible but cost 1 FP each. Attacking the roots are possible, at -4 unless using Innate Attacks. They have DR 7 and loose 1 ST for each points of damage they take.

Tangleroots (Binding) (14) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Costs Fatigue (2); Magical; Reduced Range (x1/10)) (6)

Warding (8/2 points)

By casting this spell, the caster give all attackers a -2 to attacks rolled against him.

Warding (Obscure (Vision)) (2) (Accessibility (Speech and Gesture) (2); Can only be powered by ER; Costs Fatigue (2); Defensive; Magical; Stealthy) (5)

Spells level 3

Banquet (5/1 points)

The caster creates an amount of edible matter that counts as 5 meals.

Beacon (48/10 points)

By using this spell the caster tries to reveal the position of invisible entities within 16y of his position. Roll a Quick Contest of Caster Will vs. Entity HT-3. Entities that fail will suddenly find that they have a glowing beacon floating over them, making it possible to attack them, though still at the usual penalties for not actually being able to see them.

Command (45/9 points)

Using this spell, the caster tries to dominate the target. Roll a quick contest of caster IQ vs. target Will. If successful, the target becomes loyal to the caster and will obey his commands for 1 minute pr. point the contest was won by. The target will generally not do something suicidal or hurt a loved one unless a new contest is won. In other reaspects, the target retain it’s faculties and can act creatively in the interest of the caster and in light of his orders. This persists even if the caster is incapacitated.

Greater Healing (50/10 points)

Using this spell the caster can heal up to 8 points of injury. Note that this spell can be used at range – roll vs. Caster IQ, -1 pr. yard to the target.

Illusion (32/7 points)

This effect lets the caster create animated illusions in a 2y area. This can eg. be used to create rather perfect disguises superimposed on his person.

Wolfcall (23/5 points)

Using this spell, the caster conjures a magical Timber Wolf (see GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns) that will fight for him for a minute. It’s stats are:

ST 10; DX 12; IQ 4; HT 12.
Will 11; Per 14; Speed 6; Dodge 9; Move 9.
SM 0; 120 lbs.
Traits: Discriminatory Smell; DR 1; Night Vision 2; Quadruped; Sharp
Teeth; Temperature Tolerance 1; Wild Animal.
Skills: Brawling-14; Tracking-14.

Spells Level 4

Antidote (14/3 points)

The recipient has a +3 to resistance rolls involving poison for 16 hours. To help a victim affected by a poison and not protected beforehand, it must be administered within 10 seconds of exposure. Caster must make a Will roll to affect the target, modified as a Ranged attack.

Curse (25/5 points)

The targets suffer the Total Klutz disadvantage for a minute – any failure counts as a critical failure for physical tasks. The spell affects an area of 16y radius centered on the caster. The caster decides who is affected or not. Roll a Quick Contest of Will vs. each target to affect him.

Disease (33/7 points)

A wasting rot afflicts the target who suffers 2 points of toxic damage each turn for 10 turns. The caster must win a quick contest of Will, modified as a ranged attack, to start the effect.

Oracle (10/2 points)

Oracle lets the caster commune with the Spirit world seeking the answer to questions he has. They must be answerable yes or no. Questions and answers must take place within one minute.

In game terms this means exactly that. Should the GM have a hard time finding an answer and waste time, this will just be the case for the spirit world as well)

Shadowbolt (9/2 points)

This spell releases a dark bolt of energy at a target. It has a damage of 2d+10 cr, Acc 4, Range 20y. Damage Resistance protects normally.

Wall of Magic (8/2 points)

This spell protects you from spell attacks dircted specifically at you. These must win a Quick Contest of caster vs. target Will to take effect. If they don’t, nothing happens. Duration 1 minute.

Spells Level 5

Banish (70/14 points)

By touching him, the caster sends the target into a featureless limbo (if he fails a HT resistance roll) until such a time as someone cast a dispelling magic on the place where the target dissappeared, or the caster wills it.

Divination (9/2 points)

Like Oracle, but questions can ask for more general answers than yes/no.

Fossilize (49/10 points)

The caster matches his Will against the targets do. in a Quick Contest, and should the caster win, the target will turn to stone. A Dispelling magic can free that target, but otherwise, the effect is permanent.

Mantlet (65/13 points)

In a radius of 4y, anyone present has an extra DR of 10 vs. ranged attacks. The effect lasts a minute.

Reanimate the Dead (58/12 points)

If the caster is in the presence of fresh, dead bodies from humans, elves or dwarves, he can reanimate up to 6 of them to follow him as mindless servants. The effect is permanent unless dispelled.

Transfix (52/11 points)

In a radius of 16y around the caster, every foe must resist vs. HT-2+DR or be Dazed, standing around oblivious to what goes on around him. Should anyone attack an affected person, he will snap out of it and return to normal.

Spells Level 6

Armour (5/1 points)

This spell makes the caster seem as if clad in jet-black plate armour. This is merely a visual effect, however, and the armour does not hamper the caster in any way. It provides a general DR of 5 for 1 minute.

Cure Disease (101/21 points)

This spell will cure any ailment in any living creature.

Dishearten (48/10 points)

If the caster wins a Quick Contest of Will vs. the target, the target suffers the excruciating experience of a rupturing heart, bringing him to the ground to die in a few minutes.

Dispel Magic (25/5)

All magical effects – including the casters own – within a 4y radius of the caster are assailed and will terminate if the caster wins a quick contest of IQ vs. the person who cast the spell.

Phantasm (14/3 points)

The caster conjures a creature to fight for him. It will exisit for one minute. It can take about any form up to double the size of a man, but regardless of form it attacks with these stats:

ST: 15, DX: 12, IQ 10, HT 13
HP: 15, Dodge 10, Move 6, Dmg: 2d-1/3d+1
Traits: Combat Reflexes, Striker (Long+1, 2d+1 cr), Striking ST +4

Sword of Damocles (27/6 points)

The caster hurls a magically appearing pointed sword at the target, and if he hits, the sword will hover over the target, point to the hit location chosen, until the condition that the caster sets at the time of casting comes to be. Then it hits home. This can go on for as long as the caster wills it or until he sleeps.

The attack has Acc of 3, a range of 10y and a damage of 3d imp.

Spells Level 7

Deathlight (35/7 points)

This spell sends a forking bolt of energy from the hands of the Sorcerer to strike a 4y area within 50y. Any creature in this area it hit by a fork on 12- (no Dodge), Damage from the fork is 3d+10. The caster rolls vs. Innate Attack (Projectile) to place the bolt (usually aiming at a floor Hex for +2 skill, and using the scatter rules on a miss). Acc is 3.

Enslave (45/9 points)

By winning a Quick Contest of IQ vs. Will, the caster bends the targets will to become his loyal slave in all matters, following every order, even unto death. The effect last for one minute pr. point of success in the contest.

Nova (41/9 points)

The caster emits a violent blast of raging flames in a 4y radius around him. Anyone in the area is attacked buy a skill 14, Rcl 3 attack for up to 3 hits. No defence is possible. Each hit deals 4d of burning damage.

Spell Screen (6/2)

While in effect, this spell completely nullifies any 5th level spell or below that targets the caster directly. If used with a Wall of Magic, the Screen acts first, and the Wall is only reduced by 6th level spells+. Duration is one minute.

Stasis (97/20)

This spell freezes time in a 8y radius area. Each creature in the area that fails a HT check is caught outside time until the caster chooses to release them. They cannot be interfered with in any way as long as the Stasis holds.

Vorpal Blade (8/2)

This spell creates a black sword in the casters hand. It strikes as a Very Fine Thrusting Broasword (sw+3/thr+4), with a + 4 bonus to the casters Striking ST, and adds 20 points to the users Broadsword skill (DX+5 if unskilled, +5 skill levels otherwise)

Spells Level 8

Astral Gate (65/13 points)

The caster teleports to a location he can see or has visited within 100 miles. As he does so he opens a tunnel for others to follow, that remains open for 3d seconds.

Bastion (90/18 points)

The caster surrounds two hexes with a force wall that takes breaking through DR24 + 4 HP to penetrate. While inside the caster can heal himself and cast other spells he wants to be in effect when it ends one minute later or when he wills it with a Concentrate.

Burden (80/16 points)

The caster targets the ground within 10 yards. There he creates a 4y radius area, where creatures who lose a QC: ST 20 vs. target ST, are flattened to the ground for the duration. Use the Innate Attack: Projectile skill to target the area (+4 skill for the ground). The effect lasts one minute. Targets caught have a Break Free (same QC) chance every 10 seconds.

Destrier (32/7 points)

The caster summons a hellish horse that will transport him up to 100 kilometers in a night. If forced to violence during this time, the horse will fight with these stats:


The creature can oly be summoned and be active by night.

Evil Eye (39/8 points)

The casters eyes become a deep, bottomless black for 10 seconds. Anyone meeting his gaze within 2y distance for this duration must succeed at a HT roll, or collapse dying, as from a heart attack.

Rune (special)

Attaining Power Level 8 makes it possible for the Sorcerer to Runify other spells. By adding a +25% modifier to the spell, the caster can set it with a Triggered Delay (see basic set p. 105). Only one such power can be active at one time though, and must be part of a geometric design of some sort. It is usually used to set a trap, often protecting the Sorcerers abode.

Spells Level 9

Animate Bones (23/5 points)

By casting this spell on the skeletal remains of a person, the caster animates those bones as a mindless slave servant. One such creature is created at a time, but there is no real limit to how many of these the caster can create (the cost assumes a ceiling of 50.000).

Battlemaster (32/7 points)

The caster summons a terrible warrior that will lay waste to his enemies for 1 minute.


Firestorm (41/9 points)

The caster shoots a firery ball that explodes into a raging fireball at the point of impact. a 4y radius area is blasted for 6d+6 burn damage. Use the Innate Attack: Projectile skill to place, with a +4 skill for a ground impact. Range is 20y, Acc 3 if aimed.

Invisibility (44/9 points)

The caster is rendered Invisible for 1 minute.

Micracle Cure (117/24 points)

This potent spell will cure most ailments. It will cleanse the target of all poisons, and heal greats amounts of damage. Also, most any disease can be removed, and any limb or organ lost will be instantly regrown. For the purposes of disease and injury healing, the spell has 30 FP worth of power to work with (see the Healing advantage, Basic Set p. 57)

Raise Fog (37/8 points)

The caster creates a dense fog in a 32y radius. Everyone inside suffers a vision penalty of 7. The caster can see as normal. The fog lasts for 1 minute, and will move with the wind.

Spells Level 10

Doppelganger (39/8 points)

The caster fashions a clay simulacrum of someone he wishes to duplicate. Carefully sculpting the likeness over the course of a day, and finally pouring his own life’s blood over it (taking 1d6 points of damage), he brings the copy to life. It only has the physical capabilities of it’s original, and no mental attributes. It is also a creature with a Slave Mentality. It can be destroyed by killing it, at that point revealing it for the clay construct it is.

Hecatomb (54/11 points)

The caster emits a wave of Death. Anyone in an 8y radius is attacked by a QC: Will. Those who are defeated feel their hearts seize, as they fall to the ground to die in a few, agonizing moments.

Pentacle of Entrapment (190/38 points)

The caster draws or inlays a pentagram and casts the spell. From then on, it tries to grab anyone entering its 4y radius. It attacks as an invisible opponent, usually on unaware victims (no defence), and should it win a QC: ST 20 vs. target ST, the victim will be dragged to the center of the effect and held there until the spell ends, or they can guess the release word that the caster has set. The effect otherwise lasts for 3 days. Someone coming along after one day will “only” be held for 2 days.

Resurrect (222/45 points)

By this spell, the caster tries to restore life to a formerly living creature, who has been dead less than one month, and who has not entered a state of Undeath.

The target rolls vs. HT. The margin of succes is the number of minutes that the target will then Regenerate (Very Fast), regaining 60 HP/min. If the recipient thus returns to positive HP under this spell, he comes back to life.

Persons who have been reduced below -10 x HP cannot revive, even under this spell.

Scry (43/9 points)

Using a great, dark mirror called a Speculum, the caster kan send his senses forth through time and space. See Clairsentience w. Timespanning (Past) for details. Sensing area is within 100 yards of the viewpoint. The effect lasts 3 minutes.

Transformation (25/5 points)

This spell lets the caster assume any racial template worth no more than the casters pointlimit, which starts at 0 (meaning that only templates with a negative cost can betaken at first). As he puts more points into the ability, he can develop the ability to transform into more and more complicated forms (this cost is added directly, and is not modified as the base advantage. Ie. if you add 10 points to be able to make changes up to 10-point templates, the cost increases to 35/7). The change lasts 3 minutes.

The first time you change into a specific form, you must at least have line of sight to the creature. You can memorize a number of forms equal to your IQ, voiding the need for eye contact. If you run full, you can “forget” a form to enter a new one. It takes one minute of the duration of the spell to memorize a form.

Sorcerer Spells

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