Rules Options

Here is a list of rules options used in the F2F game. Most are from Martial Arts.

Basic Set

  • Cinematic advantages (Trained by a Master, Weapon Master and Heroic Archer) can be purchased, but only after character creation
  • Extra Effort in Combat can be used by characters with cinematic advantages
  • Alternative Abilities are used in the calculation of the cost of some spells
  • Unarmed Combat becomes safe vs. weapon Parries when the character becomes Trained by a Master
  • The Dual-Weapon attack option is available but can only be developed by those who are Trained by a Master or Waepon Master
  • Rapid Strikes are available. Those with Cinematic advantages have bonuses to these attacks.
  • Semi-houserule: Skills cap at 40 points spent (Level Att.+10)
  • House-rule, mostly relevant for spells: Afflictions are half price for extra levels
  • House-rule, mostly relevant for spells: Costs Fatigue is 15%+5%/level


  • Energy Reserves are used for powering the magic spells of Sorcerers, Warlocks and Elementalists

Martial Arts

  • The new maneuvers of Defensive Attack and Committed Attack are used.
  • The new option, All-Out Attack (long) is used.
  • The Change Posture option of Acrobatic Stand is used
  • The rule that Feinting is seen more as an Attack option, rather than it’s own Maneuver, is used
  • The Feinting options of Beats, Ruses and Defensive Feints are used
  • The Readying options of Defensive Grip and Reverse Grip are used
  • The Acrobatic Movement options are generally available, incl. Tic-Tacs, Tumbling and Vaulting and Diving
  • The Acrobatic Attack and Flying Attack options for Move & Attack are used
  • The ability to learn Combinations is used
  • The option of Pummeling is used.
  • Shin Kicks are possible.
  • Shoves with Weapons can be used
  • Slams with Long Weapons can be used
  • Telegraphic Attacks are used
  • Tip Slashes are possible
  • Long Weapons on Close Combat is used
  • More Actions after a Grapple is used
  • Grab and Smash is possible
  • Quick-shooting Bows is available
  • Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons can be used
  • Rapid Fire with Thrown Weapons can be used
  • Tricky Shooting is possible
  • Cross Parries are available
  • Defence while Grappled is noted
  • Multiple Blocks are possible
  • Parries with Legs or Feet are possible
  • Parrying with Twohanded Weapons is used
  • Retreat Options are used
  • Riposte is available

Cinematic options – only for people with Cinematic Advantages (Trained by a Master, Weapon Master and Heroic Archer)

  • Extended Rapid Strike is available
  • Feints and Multiple Attacks is used
  • Multiple Targets is used
  • Available Extra Effort in Combat options: Feverish Defence, Flurry of Blows, Mighty Blow, Giant Step, Great Lunge, Heroic Charge, Rapid Recovery, Multi-Task, Near Thing, Second Wind, Shake It Off

Rules Options

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