Mystic Spells

Spells of the Mystics

Spells Level 1

Invigorate (21/5 points)

Using this spell the Mystic heals himself of up to 4 points of physical injury. There is no fatigue cost, but every 2 HP healed require a Psychic Fatigue Roll (ie. 1 roll for 2 HP healed, 2 rolls for 4 HP healed).

Mirage (32/7 points)

Using Mirage the Mystic can create an animated Illusion of up to 4y radius and up to man-size, eg. of a guard walking back and forth. The illusion must be created within 10y range and lasts only as long as the Mystic Concentrates upon it.

See Enchantment (16/4 points)

Using this spell, the Mystic senses magical emanations near him on a succesful Perception roll.

Suspended Animation (15/3 points)

By activating this spell, the Mystic enters a deathlike state. His vital signs are almost unnnoticeable, unless a person using Diaginosis can wil a Quick Contest vs. the Mystics’ HT+2. The Mystic remains aware of his surroundings, and can return to full consciousness with a Concentrate maneuver. The Mystic can remain in the state as long as food and water requirements allow.

Spells Level 2

Darksight (2/1 points)

The caster gains Night Vision 7 for 10 minutes.

Dazzle (46/10 points)

The caster emits a blinding flash. All within 4y must roll vs. HT-2 or be blinded from that point on and until their next turn is over.

Might (16/4 points)

The Mystic gains +4 ST and +2 DX for 1 minute.

Pursuit (12/3 points)

Using this spell, the caster can pick up the psychic trail of a person. The caster must be near a place that the person has actually passed (roll vs. IQ – Speed/Range modifiers to the nearest point where the target has been within a day). Once acquired, the trail can be followed for a full 24 hours.

Spells Level 3

Allseeing Eye (3/1 points)

The caster enabels himself to see invisible creatures in his arc of vision for 1 minute.

Mind Cloak (5/1 points)

The caster gains +5 to resist attacks of a mental nature, as well as to attempts to locate him by magical means.

Nourish (8/2 points)

The caster can go for a day without food and drink.

Telekinesis (2/1 points)

The caster can lift a small object within 20y and move it slowly around. He has an effective ST of 2 (BL = 0.8) and a Basic Move of 2 to work with.

Spells Level 4

Clairvoyance (5/1 points)

The caster gains 360 degree Vision for 1 minute.

Enthrall (10/2 points)

By winning a Quick Contest of IQ vs. Will, the caster makes the target, who must be within 5y range, believe that the Mystic is a trusted friend, no more and no less. This does not extend to the Mystics companions, nor does it make the target change his disposition towards those he knows beforehand. The effect lasts one minute.

Hidden Target (5/1 points)

The caster acquires 4 points in the skills of Blind Fighting and Zen Archery (or an equivalent for antother missile weapon), as well as 6 points in each of two Techniques that remove the two -6 penalties to use the two together. This enables the caster to attempt to hit targets he cannot see. See the skill descriptions. If the caster has these abilities already, these points are added to the ones the caster has already spent. The effect lasts for 1 minute.

Telepathy (8/2 points)

The caster can set up a mindlink for conversation with a target with a succesful IQ roll, though modifiers apply for range and ability to see or sense the target (see Telecommunication, Telesend). It lasts for up to 10 minutes.

Spells Level 5

Force Field (15/3 points)

This spell provides the caster with a force field that gives 15 points of Ablative DR. It last 1 minute or until used up by hits.

Mystic Blast (15/3 points)

Using this spell, the Mystic unleashes a bolt of psychic energy at a target. The bolt has a Range of 50y, strikes for 3d+1 points of damage, and has an Acc rating of 4. Skill used is Innate Attack (Projectile).

Pass Unseen (8/2 points)

This spell makes it possible for the caster to affect the minds of nearby creatures, cusing them not to see him. There are some tell-tale signs of the Mystic, however, as he still casts a shadow and shows up in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Duration is 1 minute.

Truthsense (3/1 points)

The mystics gains the use of the Empathy advantage for 1 minute, but only to detect lying. The Mystic rolls vs. Detect Lies with a plus 3 bonus to sense lying. Default is Per-6+3 = Per-3.

Spells of Level 6

Assessment (37/8 points)

The caster matches his IQ vs. the Will of the target. If he wins, he learns the capabilities of the target, class and power level (point value).

Purification (38/8 points)

Using this spell, the caster instantly cleans himself of all poisons and diseases (and further effects from them), and restores up to 8 HP of injury. The effect does not protect from reinfection or contagion.

Survival (15/3 points)

The caster gains the ability to endure extremes of temparature, from 35F – (HT*2/3*10)F to 90F+(HT/3*10). For a HT 12 person that is a range of -45F (-43C) to 150F (72C). In this range of temparatures he is comfortable and suffers no temrarature related effects. The effect does not protects against attacks from magical cold/ice or heat/fire. The effect lasts for a day.

Steel Claw (11/3 points)

Using this spell, the casters primary hand gains the ability to strike as a pointed sword, inflicting sw+1/die cut or thr+1/die imp damage with a reach of C, 1. The effect lasts for a minute.

Spells of Level 7

Duel (83/17 points)

By casting this spell the caster traps himself and a person next to him in a two-hex space with virtually impermeable walls that lasts for 10 seconds or until one of them falls unconscious or dies.

Levitation (6/2 points)

The caster can fly at a speed equal to 2 * Basic Speed – 5 (5 for a BS 5 person, 7 for BS 6), modified for Encumbrance. The effect lasts for a minute, or until the caster stops Concentration (ie. takes an action other than a Concentrate maneuver)

Paralysis (38/8 points)

The caster matches his Will vs. that of the target in a Quick Contest (suffering Speed/Range penalties to the roll). The target falls Paralysed for one minute times the margin of victory.

Protection (19/4 points)

By invoking this spell, the caster gains a +2 bonus to both Damage Resistance and Will for one minute.

Spells of Level 8

Intangibility (88/18 points)

By using this spell the Mystic becomes Insubstantial. He can pass through physical things and they through him. Mental attacks can still affect him, though. The spell lasts for 1 minute. Should the Mystic materialize in something solid, he will dies agonizingly and messily.

Mindpool (0/0 points)

The Mystic acquires the ability to Combine Powers (see GURPS Powers, p. 170-171) with other Mystics, acting as leader. Each linkup requires a power check rather than an IQ roll.

Swiftness (20/4 point)

For one minute, the caster may take any maneuver twice pr. turn. The only exeption is Concentrate to cast a spell, which may only be taken once pr turn. The other turn must be something else.

Trance (16/4 points)

The caster separates soul and body, which falls unconscious. The soul may move about at the characters normal, unencumbered Move, passing through slids at will, for 10 minutes. This is 3000 yards in all. The soul does not have to be near the body when the spell ends.

Spells of Level 9

Impregnable Sphere (50/10 points)

The caster is surrounded by a small sphere that resists anything but godly, physical attacks in and out of it (it takes more than 50 points of damage to even penetrate the barrier). Mental attacks can pass freely, though. The caster is effectively rooted in place for the 1 minute duration.

Phoenix (special: 17 points pr. use)

When the caster is slain and he has one of these spells prepared (paid the point cost), he can opt to ressurect immediately. His fallen body will catch fire burning incredibly hot for 1 minute. Then the flames die out, revealing the character standing there sans clothing, all worn items destroyed (unless some very powerful and unique item was carried, then it might survive at the GM’s discression). There is one risk, however – should the pyre be hit by anti-magic (Dispel Magic or the like), the proces may be interrupted before the caster lives again, making him truly dead.

Teleport (65/13 points)

Using this spell, the caster can teleport up to 100 yards to a place he can see or has senn or been to before and thus can visualize. The caster must make an IQ check to complete the Teleport. Base cating time is 30 seconds – see Warp for other relevant modifiers, including range (up to -2 at 100y)

Thunderclap (105/21 points)

This attack has a range of 1 yard and requires physical connection (DX, Brawling or Karate roll) to inflict it’s deafening 6dx7 points of Crushing damage. Applied to structures, it will blow holes in even thicker brick walls. Applied to human targets it generally causes obliteration.

Mystic Spells

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