In DW, Knights represent the fighting practices of the fighting men of the socially advanced societies, who have the ressources to systematically train and develop soldiery, common and noble.

The primary resource for this is GURPS Martial Arts, where a lot of the fighting styles that are based on medieval and slightly earlier times can be used pretty much as read.

Knightly Mounted Combat

The styles under this heading feature centrally for the practices of the feudal nobility. The feudal world in DW eg. has both it’s advanced centers and it’s more backwater fringes. As presented, all three versions – Early, High and Late medieval training – might be available, though some might want to set the line at High.

Other styles

But several other styles can be used to round out the abilities of fighting characters:

  • Dagger Fighting is a common companion style for both commoners and nobility
  • So is Combat Wrestling.
  • Sword-and-Shield Style is widely used by common soldiers
  • Foot Archery represents the training of bowmen soldiers
  • Armatura will also be a good fit for some types of armies, especially those relating to the old empire.
  • Glaive Fighting and other polearm styles for soldiery and militias
  • Viking Spearfighting could abound among Viking/Barbarian cultures.
  • Quarterstaff should be reasonably common as a civillian style
  • Posh southland knights might practice Longsword Fighting.
  • Or even Pollaxe Fighting.

Developments – Cinematics

No Lands of Legend character may start with the cinematically oriented advantages of Heroic Archer, Trained by a Master or Weapon Master.

These advantages are ideally suited to represent a lot of the advanced fighting practices available to eg. Knights and Thanes in the DW rules. It is my suggestion that a character may begin to purchase such traits after character creation (their cost will mostly ensure that some time will pass before they can be bought).

Achieving these advantages also qualifies the Knight/Warrior to learn the Cinematic Advantages and Skills associated with their style(s).

Developments – Perks

Also note that the Perk structure from Martial Arts is invoked for these characters – 1 Perk pr. 20 points in combat skills overall, and 1 Style Perk pr. 10 points in style elements.


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