General notes

General notes on the conversion of Dragon Warriors to GURPS.

Dragon Warriors is a system that mixes having a lot of classes with having a lot of cultures in it’s setting. In Dragon Warriors, this actually creates some jarring here and there, as classes that show clear cultural influence get used in cultures not showing these traits the same way.

GURPS offers a wonderful opportunity to get around this without having to resort to the proliferation of classes that we see in comtemporary DW.

As the Lands of Legend in many ways mirror our own for types of cultures and practices of eg. fighting and magic within these, the take is on the relatively simple side. Many elements from GURPS can be applied more or less unchanged.

But the most important thing is that the aspect of classes will be handled as GURPS invariably does it – by matching practices with culture to get the unique blends that characterises a particular position.

The fighting classes of Knights and Barbarians will be described mostly in terms of GURPS Martial Arts styles. These classes do have some supernatural abilities here and there, though, especially the Barbarians rage that is not quite captured by the Berserker disadvantage.

The esoteric ones will have Powers templates for them, incl. notes on specific enhancements and limitations they must put on their Abilities.

Some character types will combine these (like the Assassins, Warlocks and Mystics of DW).

General notes

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