Technology level

The Lands of Legend mostly operate on TL3, with some TL4 elements (mostly weapons and armour), and several societies on the fringes operate at lower TL’s. Usually TL 2 but TL 1 & TL 0 areas exisist.

Otherwise, equipment can be done on at least two levels:

The “Basic Set” approach.

The GURPS Basic Set contains easily enough equipment to keep a Lands of Legend game floating.

The “Low-Tech” approach

This GURPS tome and it’s companions were made for Lands of Legend games. If you care for more detail in the equipment department, knock yourself out! The new armour rules especially are a worthwhile addition.

Option: The Dungeon Fantasy add-on.

The series GURPS Dungeon Fantasy has a good deal of gear that might be of use in a Lands of Legend game. Especially Elf and Dwarf-themed equipment might be a worthwhile addition. Do look out for some of the more fantastic items, though, as they will seem a bit out of place.

The central resosurce is the Gear chapter from DF1


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