Several character types are able to enchant items. The procedure for this follows the GURPS Powers approach, specifically using the Gadget limitations.

The Basics of Enchantment

The process is relatively simple. Figure the usual cost of the magic item as an advantage, adding up the cost

This cost is then modified with especially the following limitations:

  • Power Modifier, usually -10%, as anti-magic can affect these items.
  • Breakable. This limitation features on all items. It’s usually of the -10% or -15% variety, but as magical items cannot be repaired (they can, but are then mundane items), add -15%, for -25% to -30%.
  • Low or No Signature. A magical item is obvious (by shining, giving off a feel of power etc.) unless enhanced in this way (not available on Flaming Weapons eg.). It’s usually done, as most people like discretion. But some are not. Those who have No Signature may qualify for the Can Be Stolen limitation, as they are quite obvious, even without the means to Detect them (see various spells).

Calculate the cost, keeping fractions – this will affect production time!

Production time is 200 hours pr. final, modified point cost, -5% pr. level of Power Level.


Thrusting Broadsword, +1 skill (4 CP). Base cost 4 CP.

No signature: +20%.
Power Mod: -10%
Breakable: -25%

Final Cost: 4 × 1.2 = 4.8, x 0.65 = 3.12, x 200 = 624 hours to make.

Power Level reduces this time by 5%/level. So an enchanter with Power Level 4 reduces this time by 20%, to 499.

Workdays are assumed at 10 hrs, so it takes 50 days to enchant this sword for that enchanter.

Enchanted Weapons (Mystics and Warlocks)

Enchanted Weapons usually have the effects of striking more unerringly, giving a skill bonus to their use, or striking harder, providing a bonus to damage.

These bonuses can be max 1/3rd of the enchanters Power Level, rounded down.

A skill bonus will be based on the number of skill points the weapon adds to the users skill. If a weapon can be used with more than one skill, calculate the cost for this using the Alternative Ability principle (1/5th the cost).

Eg. the base cost for a Bastard Sword giving its wielder +1 to skill would have a base cost of 4 points. This has the special effect of have a more pronounced effect in the hands of an unskilled user, but this is considered a feature, not a bug.

A damage bonus will come as a bonus to Striking ST based at 5 points pr. level.

Other special effects may be possible, such as the ability to affect insubstantial creatures such as Ghosts and the ability to bypass armour more easily. These things come as Enhancements, and can only be added after a bonus to skill or damage is added.

But also eg. the ability of a sword to heal the wielder is possible, by adding the Healing advantage to the mix.

Making a single-use item – ie. an arrow or potion or something like that – takes 1/20th the time of a permanent item to make.


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