Elementalist Spells

Earth Spells

1 – Abundance (2/1 points)

Using this spell, the elementalist sticks a small wooden rod into the ground. After a few seconds it sprouts 10 pieces of fruit of the elementalists choosing.

2 – Spider Magic

Using this spell the caster makes an area of 8y radius seem disused. Inside or underground the place is dusty and cobwebbed, outside it’s overgrown or the like – it basically seems like it’s a long time since someone passed here. The illusion will persist until someone suspects something off and makes a Vision-6 roll to realize that the effect is not real.

3 – Forest Murmurs

By casting this spell, the Elementalist can empathically sense the plantlife around him and can sense information from it, especially things like what creatures were here and how long ago. Conversations will not be remembered by normal plantlife, but should magically intelligent plants be present, they can be conversed in plain language. This lasts one minute.

4 – Create Bog

This spell is aimed at an oppponent within 10y. If he is hit, a sticky patch of bog opens up in his hex holding him in place for 1 minute or until he can Break Free vs. ST 16. Skill used to hit is Innate Attack (Projectile) with an Acc of 3 if Aimed.

5 – Roots

The caster throws this spell at a patch og ground (Innate Attack (projectile) at +2) within 20y. This creates a 4y raduis area where people are grasped by roots, pulling them down in a Pin with ST 16 until the can break free (1 try every 10 seconds) or 1 minute passes. A succesful Dodge and Drop may save those in the outer ring of the Area of Effect.

6 – Rock Wall

The caster causes a small rock about half his size (1y diameter, SM -1) to grow much larger (5y diameter, SM +3). This can be used to block access, or even make the rock roll or fall if it’s placed for it. The enlargement lasts for a minute.

7 – Fissure

The caster open up a hole in the ground that is 3y long, 5y wide and 5y deep. Anyone standing on this area will fall 5y into the pit. Those within 1y of a side can Dodge and Drop to escape and if this fails they get a DX roll to grab the edge. A 5y fall means the person takes HP x 0,1 dice of damage – the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Roll location – armour will protect. The effect is permanent and the victims are stranded below until they can climb out with a skill roll at -3 (difficult walls to climb).

8 – Give up the Dead!

The caster makes 1d+4 skeletons (mostly animals unless in a cemetery or an old battleground – roll a Good reaction to get human skeletons, Very Good to get armed and armoured skeletons on a random place, otherwise as common sense dictates) to rise from the earth and fight for the elementalist for 1 minute.

9 – Tremor

A very dangerous spell that causes a 10 second earthquake in a 8y radius area within 20y of the caster (Use Innate Attack (Projectile) at +2 to place the spell). In this area, victims suffer 4d cr damage each turn (DR protects), and must roll vs. HT – half the damage taken to avoid Stunning. Thus being caught in this area is a death sentence for most people.

10 – Summon the Man of Stone

The caster raises a giant made of earth and stone from the ground to aid him in battle for up to an hour.

Stats to be determined.

Fire Spells

1- Candle (15/3 points)

Produces a light scource only visible to the caster that lets him see with perfect clarity in any lighting conditions. The effect lasts 1 minute.

Air Spells

1- Cutting Power of the Air (12/3 points)

Using this spell, the caster lets the Air aid in martial efforts, providing +1 to all attacks and a further +2 to ranged attacks. The effect lasts 1 minute.

Water Spells

1 – Rain (2 points)

The caster cases a drizzle that produces 2 gallons of drinkabe water.

Elementalist Spells

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