Assassins are a bit of a special case. In DW they have the curious feature of having the most demanding stat requirements, and their abilities are broad, clearly inspired by the legends of the Ninja and the Hashishin.

Seen through the GURPS Lands of Legend lens, Assassins combine abilites from the fighting professions with powers from the Spritual category, with their focus on inner abilities etc. It is a different way from the Mystic, but still a focus on the development of inner power and the application of it.

Round it out with various crafting skills for the ability to make the gadgetry.

Stealth and Skills

These abilities are simply covered by the corresponding GURPS skills:

Stealth → Stealth
Climb → Climbing
Disguise → Disguise
Pilfer → Pickpocket (perhaps also Filch)
Pick Lock – Lockpicking
Track – Tracking
Jumping → Jumping, but see below.

Armour Piercing → Targeted Attack vs. Chinks eg.
Throwing Spikes → Shuriken, plus perhaps Armoury to make them.

Alchemical Techniques

These are covered by the skills of Poisons/TL3 and Chemistry/TL3

Unarmed Combat

Assassins should be trained in a Martial Arts style.

Assassin type characters should be on the track to become Trained by a Master. When this is achieved, the character gains the ability to use the cinematic Stealth rules from GURPS Action 2: Exploits.

This will also give access to purchase up to 2 levels of Super Jump, to match the jumping prowess of DW Assassins.


After an Assassin becomes Trained by a Master he may purchase up to 2 levels of Super Jump.

Mental Techniques

These abilities may be purchased after the Assassin becomes Trained by a Master.

  • Inner Sense – buy Danger Sense to have this power. 15 points
  • Memorize – buy Eidetic/Photographic Memory to mimic this. 5 or 10 points
  • Deathvow – buy Unkillable 1, with Accessibility (Only after 1 week preparation) (-80%) and Only when in close proximity of victim (-20%), Temporary Disadvantage (Obsession: Kill victim) (-5%) for 10 points total

Meditational Techniques

These abilities can be developed after the Assassin becomes Trained by a Master. They must be purchased in the sequence mentioned below. Activation requires a succesful Meditation roll.

  • Light Trance: Slow Regeneration (Only while Meditating -30%) (7 points)
  • Darkness Trance: Metabolism Control (Preparation Required: 2 hours, -50%) (2.5/lvl)
  • Water Trance: Mind Shield (Prep. Required 2 hours), -50%, Maximum Duration (20 minutes), -25%) (1/lvl)
  • Earth Trance: Damage Resistance (Limited: Fire & Cold, -20%, Only While Meditating -30%) (2.5/lvl) Up to 10 levels.
  • Void Trance: An advantage that puts 4 points in Blind Fighting, 4 Points in Zen Archery and 14 points into removing the 2 x -6 penalty to use the two together, total 22 points. The advantage requires half an hour of preparation (-30%) and lasts only 15 minutes after this (-25%) for at total cost of 10 points to gain this ability.
  • Fire Trance: Altered Time Rate 1 (Preparation Required (1 hour), -50%, Maximum Duration 5 Minutes), -50%) (20 points)
  • Wind Trance: Insubstantiality (Preparation Required (1 hour) -50%, Maximum Duration (1 minute) -65%) (16 points)


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