Aldred, Baron Gorburn

Not a lowly Baron


Aldred might hold the title of Baron, but in practice he is the most powerful noble in northern Albion, if not all of the realm. Now of late middle age, he has had his reign since his youth, and the time has been spent on expansion.

The base around Aldred’s Castle has expanded ever westward over the years, and the lands under his control are now considerable, and his power has eclipsed his most bitter rivals, Montombre and Grisalle, both Earls of title, but now limping behind Aldred in sheer ressources. Could they stand together, they might stand a chance, but both earls have their own, incompatible aspirations, and a united front seems unlikely.

Many suspect that Aldreds ambition is not sated yet. Most figure that he means to crush the north and rule it fully, then turn to the capital in the south and claim the crown for himself. Many would actually welcome this, as the current king is held to be weak and unwise in his government of the realm. Aldred and his enfeoffed knights mostly run a hard but fair ship, and even the peasantry prospers reasonably under the slightly militaristic yoke of the Baron.

Aldred, Baron Gorburn

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